Day 8 Saturday 23 September Launceston

This morning, we woke to a damp drizzly Launceston. By mid-morning the rain was clearing so we all headed off in two cars to explore. Nicole and Russell took us to Cataract Gorge, which is a beautiful, unique natural formation and only a short distance from their home. At the Gorge, there are walking trails, gardens, a pool, a suspension bride, a café, a rotunda and a chairlift.
We followed a pathway originally built in the 1890s along the cliff face and we were looking down onto the South Esk River. The first Basin we came to had a swimming pool and a café surrounded by bush – this is known to the locals as Launceston’s Beach.
We continued along the path to the Alexandra Suspension Bridge built in 1904 and got great views from the bridge. On the northern side, is a Victorian garden with ferns and lots of different plants, and we also saw “The Fairy Dell”. There were lots of peacocks strutting about and quite a few sitting on braches in the trees – Richard commented that he had never seen so many peacocks all together. Katharine & Patrick, Nicole & Frances and Richard all caught the chairlift back and Richard was able to get some good photos even although the weather wasn’t very good. They had a bird’s eye view of the South Esk River with its cascading waterfalls and the rocky Gorge.
From there we all drove down to the waterfront of the Tamar River and had Fish and Chips at a great Café – they served our meal in a large paper cone – very unique. (We were given a dinner plate as well.) Then we went for a wander along the boardwalk, stopping for a gelato ice cream and continuing our wander along the Tamar River to a playground for young children, where the kids enjoyed themselves and we could see the West Tamar Highway Bridge and the arch of King’s Bridge. We even saw some people flying a huge kite, which Patrick and Henry loved!
After a wonderful few hours, it was time to head back to Nicole and Russell’s place for Henry and Eliza to have a sleep and for them to get ready for dinner. Mutual friends of Katharine & Steve and Nicole & Russell are going to have dinner with them. Richard and Sandy are leaving “the young ones” to enjoy themselves and have opted to have dinner at the Casino Complex. After a lovely dinner, Sandy’s friend, Karen, came to meet us at the Watergarden Café at the Casino for a cuppa. She brought her latest PhotoBooks for Sandy to see, which was great. We enjoyed catching up with Karen.
Despite the overcast day and showery weather this morning, we have had a wonderful day, and evening, in Launceston!

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