Day 10 Monday 25 September Launceston to Cradle Mountain

We left Launceston at about 9.30, called in to a lookout that look over part of Launceston for a couple of quick photos before heading north on the Bass Highway. Our first stop was at 41° South Salmon & Ginseng Farm, where we had a tasting of some salmon dip, salmon, ginseng and honey.
Our next stop was at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm where we went for a wander around a small lake to the long tunnels of the Raspberry greenhouses. We had our lunch at the café sitting out on the verandah where we could keep an eye on the boys while they played in the children’s play area until our lunch was ready. Henry had Raspberry Jam sandwiches, his favourite, Patrick had pancakes with Raspberry Sauce & ice-cream, Katharine had Pumpkin Soup & savoury muffins, Steve had Chat Potatoes, Richard had a eye-fillet beef sandwich and Sandy had an Apple &Raspberry pie – all were delicious!
Our next stop was at Ashgrove Cheese Dairy – their slogan is “Where the Cows are Happier”. We were able to look through some large windows to view the cheese-making process and curing room before tasting and choosing some cheese and wandering through the gift shop.
We continued our journey through lovely lush green diary farm land to Railton, which is known as the Town of Topiary as it has over 100 topiary characters along the main street. The town is proud of its high quality limestone cement, which was used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge and many of the great construction projects around Australia. After driving up and down the main street to view the topiary, Steve parked the car beside a Topiary Park so that we could get lots of photos.
Our next stop was at Sheffield, which is the “Town of Murals” and “Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery”. A public meeting was held in Sheffield in 1985 to formulate some strategies to stop the economic decline which Sheffield and Kentish was experiencing. They investigated some suggestions, one of which was how successful a town in Canada had been when facing a similar economic downturn – Chemainus on Vancouver Island, who painted murals on the walls of buildings and these murals were credited as rescuing the town. Richard and Sandy visited Chemainus when we visited Canada & Alaska in 2013 and were very impressed with the murals.
The Sheffield Murals depicts the pioneering history of the district and its people. The first mural commissioned in 1986 and painted by John Lendis depicts “Gustav Weindorfer, a passionate mountaineer, naturalist and conservationist sharing his home with the wild animals.”
We wandered around the town looking at some of the 80 murals that show “the town’s history, events, heroes and heartbreaks painted on the walls of this quaint little town.”
From there we drove past Mt Roland up into the mountains to Cradle Mountain. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, where we are staying, is located right on the edge of the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. As we approached the National Park, it started raining, which turned into sleet and then when we reached the Lodge, it started to snow!! Our Pencil Pine Balcony Cabins (one each) overlooks the forest hinterland and a small lake AND they both have fireplaces. We put our suitcases etc into our cabins and went exploring. The Main Lodge building is set beside the Pencil Pine Creek – it has a lounge with a big log fireplace, a bar, a Tavern & Bistro and a formal Dining Room. When Katharine checked us in she was told that this is a “Technology Retreat” as there are no TVs in the rooms and no WiFi other than vey limited WiFi in the Main Lodge building. Sandy is having a technology retreat more than she had expected because she dropped her phone in a puddle beside the Main Lodge and so it is sitting in a container of rice with fingers crossed and prayers being said over it.
We had dinner in the Tavern Bistro tonight and then spent a little while relaxing in the lounge before heading back to Katharine & Steve’s cabin for a game of Snakes & Ladders with the boys before their bedtime. We came back to our cabin while the boys got settled and then went back to their cabin – it was snowing lightly again – and sat with Katharine & Steve in front of the fireplace, chatting and working out our plans for tomorrow.

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  1. Gail says:

    Interesting fact about Sheffiekd taking the idea from Chemainus in Canada for their murals. We went to Sheffield in 1994 and went to Chemainus in 2012.

  2. sandy says:

    Yes, we thought that was interesting too, Gail. What a great way to save a town. We loved the Chemainus murals when we were in Canada in 2013 and the ones in Sheffield were great too. xoxo

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