Day 15 Saturday 30 September Hobart to Brisbane

When the two of us have been staying in a separate room/villa to Katharine, Steve, Patrick & Henry, we have been getting a phone call from Patrick in the morning to say they are up and ready for breakfast and will see us soon, so we loved getting our phone call from Patrick this morning – he is such a sweetie!! We checked out and got the car packed and headed down to Salamanca Market, which is said to be “a celebration of Tasmania’s unique culture, creative artisans, talented musicians and diverse produce”. It is held every week on a Saturday and the area, set on the waterfront, was alive with the sounds, colours and smells of Tasmania. The historic Georgian sandstone buildings that line the Salamanca Place and face Hobart’s waterfront were used for warehousing of whale oil, grain, timber and imported goods. Some of the old stonehouse warehouses are now galleries and cafes. With the sandstone buildings of Salamanca Place as its backdrop and yachts and fishing boats moored nearby, we could see why the market is a favourite for locals and visitors. The stalls included woodwork, jewellery, glassware, ceramics, fashion items and lots of food stalls to name just a few of the 300+ stalls at the market! We wandered around this amazing market for a couple of hours in the freezing cold 5°, the wind was blowing and there was snow on Mt Wellington, making it feel much cooler, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this amazing market.
Just as we were heading back to the car, we could see that the Aurora Australis, the Australian icebreaker ship that we saw on our first day in Hobart, was leaving port, heading back to Antarctica, so we watched as it slipped its moorings and moved out into the harbour – Patrick was very interested when Richard and Steve explained each part of the process to him.
We went for a drive around the city, checking out the city sights before heading out to the airport. We filled up with petrol and returned the hire car and walked along the path to the airport building, with lots of people walking past, chuckling and smiling at the sight of Henry pushing his own little suitcase along the path. We got checked in – thank goodness for Steve’s Gold status as we were able to go to the priority check-in instead of lining up with hundreds of other people in the extremely busy airport. We had lunch and all too soon it was time to board our plane for our flight back to Brisbane. This time, Patrick sat with Katharine & Steve and Henry sat with us. We kept Henry occupied as we needed to keep his seatbelt on because of turbulence and although Nanna suggested he should close his eyes and have a snooze as it was his afternoon sleep time, he much preferred for Nanna to read some stories and for him to play with his Police Car. About an hour and a half into our flight, he cuddled his bunny and fell asleep – he looked so cute. Meanwhile, Patrick was enjoying watching a movie on the iPad and was delighted when Katharine took him to the toilet and Patrick was chatting to one of the hostesses and asked her if there was anything he could do to help her, so she put an apron on him, pinned her flight badge on him and off he went with her to collect rubbish from the passengers, who seemed quite delighted – Patrick was in his element and we have a couple of lovely photos of him as “a steward”. Henry woke up just before the plane landed in Brisbane and after everyone had disembarked the plane, the hostess had organised for Patrick to go into the cockpit to sit in the Pilot’s seat beside the Co-Pilot while Henry watched on. Both boys were given a special Virgin Passport with a stamp in it and Katharine got some chocolate from the co-pilot. How awesome!
We very much appreciated Don & Lesley collecting all of us and our baggage and delivering us home before taking Katharine, Steve, Patrick and Henry home. We were very spoilt as Lesley had made us a lovely dinner and had bought some milk so we could have a cuppa. What a perfect end to our amazing holiday in Tasmania! We have so many special memories of the places we visited and the fun & enjoyment we shared with Katharine, Steve, Patrick and Henry. Watching the boys experience new things has added a special dimension to our holiday!

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  1. Maria Hughes says:

    Wow Sandy it certainly sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday and many amazing experiences. I have loved travelling along with you re-visiting places we visited in early 1990 and getting some ideas for our next trip in January next year. Patrick and Henry have had some awesome experiences topped off with their lovely experience today on the flight home!
    Welcome home to you all, and lots of love from us xoxo

  2. sandy says:

    Thanks Sis. It was a wonderful holiday and we all had many wonderful experiences. Patrick and Henry had lots of fun and got to see and do some very exciting things. We will have a big talk when you are back home and I can give you some suggestions. lots of love, Sandy xo

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